7 thoughts on “United States greatest threat to world peace, opinion poll says

  1. Britain is the greatest threat to world peace, the insidious and covert nature of this country, is behind most war and militaristic operations, throughout the world, they appear as if they are a low backward country, this is why the appear harmless to most people, the think tanks of Britain, are at constant fast speed to create destruction and devastation. overseas, and to subdue the native population to become as non entities.

      • Although the stat you mention is America is putting more money in to implements of war, my point is the culture of Britain, is what makes them so dangerous, sometimes the poison of certain substances are extremely low, yet they may well be far more toxic, as the British culture is far older than American culture, the insidious nature of this country has polluted the psyche of not only America but the world we live in. In other words the militaristic vindictive nature of the British class that promotes violence is such that they now need to to revaluate this condition for a more positive outcome that is more suitable for the world we now live in, to resolving issues not by militaristic force but reason, it is not the fault the British elite are unable to come to a more intelligent position, it is their self indoctrination that makes them impotent.

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