Economic crisis, new book

This video from the USA says about itself:

Joseph Stiglitz: Iraq War Caused the Great Recession

The complete lecture by Stiglitz is here.

By Roger Bagley in Britain:

MPs John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn praise Andrew Fisher book for exposing ‘very British’ City coup that led to crash

Friday 13th june 2014

MPs hail The Failed Experiment and How to Build a Future That Works, which exposes the follies leading to the 2008 financial crash

Two of Britain’s most active left MPs paid tribute to a “superb” new book from Establishment-challenging author Andrew Fisher in Westminster on Wednesday night.

Labour MPs John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn hailed The Failed Experiment And How To Build A Future That Works, which exposes the follies leading to the 2008 crash — and suggests ways forward.

Mr McDonnell told a launch event: “This book is an excellent piece of work. It will be used by all of us in our campaigning.”

It helped to expose the nature of the “very British coup” involving new Labour and big City players which undermined democracy and sent the economy spinning out of control, said Mr McDonnell.

Mr Corbyn declared that Mr Fisher had shown how governments could take control and stand up to global capital.

“The labour movement exists to organise people, it exists to bring about change. It does not exist to accommodate capital,” he said.

Mr Fisher’s book is the first in a planned new series from progressive publisher Comerford & Miller.

Among MPs and activists present at the launch was Erith and Thamesmead MP Teresa Pearce, the only woman member of the Commons treasury select committee.

She voiced concern that politicians and business had failed to learn the lessons of the 2008 crash.

“Nothing has changed,” she warned. “They are keeping their heads down until the storm has passed.”

Veteran campaigner Ted Knight told the gathering that Mr Fisher’s book would help to build a movement for change. It would help “provide people with a voice.”

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