7 thoughts on “British, Spanish royals quarrel on Gibraltar

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  2. Spain promises retaliation over building of new reef

    Monday 05 August 2013

    Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo warned today that Gibraltar’s “party is over.”

    He is considering retaliatory measures towards the British territory, including a €50 (£45) border crossing fee, amid a dispute over an artificial reef being built off Gibraltar.

    Mr Garcia-Margallo said the cash would be used to help Spanish fishermen who have lost out because of damage to fishing grounds.

    He added that Spain might start tax investigations into thousands of Gibraltarians who own property in the country.

    Spain is also considering closing airspace to planes heading to the territory’s airport, as well as changing rules to increase tax revenue from online gambling companies based on the Rock.

    Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo accused Spain of “acting like North Korea” and sabre-rattling.

    So-called “disproportionate checks” at the border have increased tensions between Britain and Spain recently and the Spanish ambassador was summoned to Britain’s Foreign Office last week to explain why people crossing the border were having to wait up to seven hours in sweltering heat.

    Britain has held Gibraltar for three centuries and its 2.6 square miles is home to 30,000 people, with an economy dominated by offshore banking, internet gambling operations and tourism.

    However, ownership of the territory has long been a point of contention between Spain and Britain.

    The latest spat began 10 days ago after Gibraltarian boats began dumping blocks of concrete into the sea near the territory to create the artificial reef to foster fish populations.


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