London peace camp attacked by police

From Al Jazeera:

Police clear London anti-war encampment

Parliament Square protest site had been continuously occupied since invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Last Modified: 17 Jan 2012 08:32

Police in the UK have cleared a decade-old protest camp in central London that was first established to oppose the war in Afghanistan in 2001.

Two people were arrested during Monday’s raid at the protest site, located in Parliament Square just adjacent to the British parliament.

The Metropolitan Police said officers arrived to the encampment around 7:30pm on Monday night to remove “all tents and sleeping equipment.”

The clearing of the protest site took two hours and 10 to 12 supporters were “moved on,” the police said. …

New legislation

The clearing of the encampment followed the passing by parliament of new regulations covering protests in Parliament Square which has served as an epicentre for demonstrations on issues such as the war in Iraq in 2003 and student protests against rises in tuition fees.

The Parliament Square protest site was first established by Brian Haw, a veteran anti-war activist who died from cancer in June 2011.

The clearing of Parliament Square has worried “Occupy London” activists who set up a similar camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in October 2011.

A tweet from the Occupy London’s Twitter account on Monday night read: “Parliament Square protest being cleared currently by police. Get down & show solidarity.”

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Anti-capitalist occupiers camped outside St Paul’s cathedral went down to the High Court on Monday in support of the Parliament Square occupiers who are threatened with eviction: here.

Anti-capitalist protesters who have been camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London today lost their High court bid to prevent their eviction from the site: here.

Occupy activists target US Capitol over legislation: here.

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