British peace activist Brian Haw dies

This video from Britain is called Brian Haw – Most Inspiring Political Figure 2007. It says about itself:

Brian Haw wins 2007 Channel 4 News award for Most Inspiring Political Figure of the Year, and, proudly wearing his “Bliar” t-shirt, gives a typically inspiring anti-war acceptance speech.

From the Stop the War Coalition In Britain:

Brian Haw, peace campaigner, born 1949 – died 18 June 2011

By Robin Beste
Stop the War Coalition

19 June 2011

Brian Haw, world renowned peace campaigner, has died of cancer after a long illness. He camped outside the British parliament for ten years, in protest at the wars waged — under the guise of the “war on terror” — in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Brian become such a thorn in the side of the establishment that MPs introduced a law excluding protests within one mile of parliament without permission, failing to anticipate that their restriction could not be applied retrospectively to Brian, who carried on his highly visible protest in Parliament Square regardless.

Brian’s courage and persistence was an inspiration to peace campaigners across the world, and his highly visible encampment became a focus for vistors to London, wishing to register in person their admiration and support.

In January 2007, artist Mark Wallinger recreated Brian’s Parliament Square protest in its entirety as an exhibition at Tate Britain. Titled State Britain, it was a painstaking reconstruction of the display confiscated by the Metropolitan Police in 2006, and included 500 weather-worn banners, photos, peace flags, and messages from well-wishers collected by Brian over the duration of his peace protest.

In December 2007, Mark Wallinger was awarded the prestigious Turner Art Prize for his State Britain commemoration of Brian’s iconic presence confronting parliament day and night.

Also in 2007, Brian was awarded the Channel 4 News award for Most Inspiring Political Figure of the Year. Among the other nominees was Tony Blair, whose war crimes were a specific target for Brian’s protest over the years.

Brian spoke many times on Stop the War Coalition platforms, always with his consistent compassion and anger at the crimes committed in our name by our political leaders. He will be remembered long after the MPs, who walked past his peace camp in to parliament, and disgracefully voted to take Britain into all the US initiated wars.

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9 thoughts on “British peace activist Brian Haw dies

  1. Re #1: thanks for reacting.

    I hope that many people will take up Brian Haw’s fight for peace, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

    You misspelled your blog URL. I have corrected it. Though I agree with you that Cromwell was bad for Ireland, I do think that against the tyranny of Charles I he represented progress in England.


  2. MPs call for statue in memory of Haw

    ACTIVISM: A group of MPs led by left campaigner Jeremy Corbyn called today for a permanent memorial to peace activist Brian Haw to be placed in the precincts of Parliament.

    The MPs tabled an early day motion praising the “political inspiration” provided by Mr Haw, who died at the weekend.

    Among those putting their name to the EDM urging a memorial to Mr Haw’s 10-year Westminster peace vigil were Green MP Caroline Lucas and Labour MPs John McDonnell, Paul Flynn, Kelvin Hopkins, John Cryer and Dennis Skinner.


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  6. Anti-war activist starts hunger strike

    Tuesday 01 January 2013

    Veteran anti-war campaigner Barbara Tucker has reportedly begun a hunger strike in protest against her repeated “unlawful” arrest.

    Australian-born Ms Tucker, along with the late Brian Haw, has been an almost constant presence at the peace camp in Parliament Square for the last seven years.

    During this time she has been arrested on an estimated 47 occasions and imprisoned twice.

    Ms Tucker, who began her hunger strike on December 27, said: “I did not come to Parliament Square to die and I do not want to die. I came to Parliament Square because people everywhere are entitled to – live – in peace, without the constant illegal wars being waged by government.

    “The purpose of my hunger strike on the doorstep of government, where we campaign, is to highlight to government its injustice in not returning our tents which are necessary for our survival as we peacefully exercise our right to freedom of expression now.”


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