Dutch-American religious homophobia

This music video from Britain is Homophobia, by Chumbawamba.

From DutchNews.nl:

Chief rabbi and Christian therapists under fire over homosexuality

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Young Jewish Amsterdammers are furious that their chief rabbi has signed a statement issued in America by 162 rabbis and Jewish leaders saying homosexuality is a disease which can be cured.

Aryeh Ralbag, who lives in New York and visits the Netherlands once or twice a year to rule on legal matters, signed the statement as chief rabbi of Amsterdam and de facto of the Netherlands, a young gay man wrote to the Volkskrant in an email.

Ronnie Eisenmann of the Jewish Community Amsterdam told the paper he has asked Ralbag to delete his Dutch position from the list of signatories. ‘Saying he is chief rabbi here gives the impression that the Jewish community in the Netherlands supports his view. That is not the case,’ he said.


In a separate report, Trouw says medical organisations and health insurers do not want to pay for a therapy designed to teach homosexuals to repress their ‘sinful urges’.

The treatment is offered by the orthodox Christian organisation Different, a recognised provider of therapies in mental health care. Because it is officially recognised, health insurers cannot refuse to pay for the treatment, Trouw says.

However, doctors and insurers say the treatment is damaging and even dangerous and want the health inspectorate to look into the matter.

See also here.

Update: the reference to the Jewish community in Amsterdam under the homophobic statement has now been deleted.

Update: Ralbag has been suspended temporarily as chief rabbi.

Some European rabbis support Ralbag: here.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is the second highest ranking clergyman in the Church of England. He has chosen to use his influential position to launch an inflammatory attack on the democratic will of the British people and on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) men and women: here.

Former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey stood accused of homophobia today after he called for a ban on same-sex marriage: here.

Unions condemned Education Secretary Michael Gove today for failing to remove a homophobic, anti-contraceptive booklet from Britain’s Catholic schools: here.

8 thoughts on “Dutch-American religious homophobia

  1. Christian anti-gay therapy is bizarre and wrong, says minister

    Tuesday 17 January 2012

    Therapy provided by a Christian mental health group to help homosexuals ‘repress their sinful urges’ should be scrapped from the health insurance treatment list, health minister Edith Schippers said on Tuesday.

    Health insurance is to pay for treatment or to prevent illness, ‘and homosexuality is not an illness’, the minister said in response to MPs’ questions.

    Newspaper Trouw reported on Tuesday morning medical organisations and health insurers were against paying for a therapy designed to teach homosexuals to ignore their sexual feelings.


    The treatment is offered by the orthodox Christian organisation Different, a recognised provider of therapies in mental health care. Because it is officially recognised, health insurers cannot refuse to pay for the treatment.

    Schippers said she found it bizarre the therapy was being paid for by health insurers. ‘This is not to be tolerated,’ the minister said, adding that she will now look into removing the treatment from the approved list.

    MPs from all parties said they were shocked at news of the treatment.


    However, Kees van der Staaij, leader of the fundamentalist Protestant party SGP which regards homosexuality as a sin, said people who opted for the therapy offered by Different deserved support.

    It is not the first time government cash has been spent on alternative therapies.

    Several years ago the Volkskrant reported tarot card readers, astrologers and spiritually-based ‘personal development programmes’ had been given government funding as part of efforts to get people back into work..

    © DutchNews.nl


  2. Amsterdam’s chief rabbi removed from the job after gay row

    Wednesday 18 January 2012

    Amsterdam’s Orthodox Jewish community has suspended rabbi Aryeh Ralbag as its nominal chief after the New York-based official signed a statement describing homosexuality as an illness which can be cured.

    Ralbag will remain suspended until he and community leaders have spoken about the issue, the Telegraaf said on Tuesday evening.

    The declaration, signed by 162 rabbis and mental health practitioners last year, states that ‘homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle’ and that ‘behaviours are changeable’.


    Ralbag, who lives in New York and visits the Netherlands once or twice a year to rule on legal matters, signed the statement using all his official functions, including that of chief rabbi of Amsterdam. That part of his signature has now been removed.

    ‘Rabbi Ralbag’s signature may give the impression the Orthodox Jewish community of Amsterdam shares his view,’ said a press release by the community’s board NIHS. ‘This is absolutely untrue. Homosexuals are welcome at the Amsterdam Jewish community.’

    The Dutch Israel information centre CIDI has also called on Ralbag to stand down from his Amsterdam position, the Telegraaf said.

    According to deputy director Esther Voet in the Jerusalem Post, the Dutch Jewish community is unique. ‘We need a chief rabbi who is aware of our traditions and that’s something you cannot fly in two times a year,’ the paper quoted her as saying.

    © DutchNews.nl


  3. Ecuador takes on homophobes

    ECUADOR: The government will investigate and act forcefully against any clinics found to be trying to force homosexual people to change their sexual orientation, a Health Ministry official affirmed on Thursday.

    David Troya said that the ministry was “clear and emphatic” that in line with World Health Organisation findings “homosexuality is not an illness and that as such a cure can’t be suggested, so that whoever offers treatments is deceiving people and acting illegally.”

    Gay rights activists say four clinics that engaged in coercive practices have been shut down in recent months but that others continue to operate clandestinely.



  4. Bishops weigh in on counsellor case

    HOMOPHOBIA: Senior figures in the Church of England have backed a Christian counsellor after she “treated” a gay man who said he wanted to be “cured” of his homosexuality.

    Former archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey joined several serving bishops in signing a newspaper letter today in support of 60-year-old psychotherapist Lesley Pilkington.

    The counsellor is due to mount an appeal this week following a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ruling that she was guilty of professional misconduct over a therapy session with gay journalist Patrick Strudwick.



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