Italian fascist murders immigrants

This video says about itself:

CASAPOUND denies having nothing to do with Gianluca Casseri, the 50 year old man who shot randomly at African streetvenders and people in Firenze, the 13th of december 2011.

After he shot randomly at black people at a market, he went inside his car, got out at another market, and started shooting again. At least two people died, and several people were wounded in this racist killing spree.

CasaPound is a neo-fascist organisation which denies any ties with this man. Despite writing for CasaPound related websites, this murderer was known for attending their protests.

Watch this video, images don’t lie.

It’s sad to see masses of Italian youth involved with neo-fascism, history and terror shouldn’t repeat itself.

By Stefan Steinberg:

Far-right fanatic guns down immigrants in Florence

16 December 2011

An Italian author with links to the extreme right shot down two immigrants and seriously wounded three others in Florence on Tuesday before taking his own life. The shooter was named by police as Gianluca Casseri, the 50-year-old author of a number of fantasy novels, a resident of Tuscany, and member of an ultra-right anti-immigrant movement called Casa Pound.

named after United States author Ezra Pound, who during the Second World War made anti-Semitic propaganda on the radio of Mussolini’s Italy

Witnesses to the shooting say Casseri parked his car in a square north of the city centre and in broad daylight calmly walked up to a group of Senegalese street vendors selling trinkets. He opened fire on the group. Two of the vendors were killed on the spot, the third left seriously wounded. According to hospital reports, he is likely to remain paralysed for life.

Casseri then moved on to the city’s central San Lorenzo market, where he shot and seriously wounded two more vendors. When police arrived at San Lorenzo they shot at Casseri’s car but failed to wound him. According to police reports, one police officer then followed Casseri. As he approached, Casseri drew his pistol and shot himself in the throat.

The two vendors from Senegal gunned down at the San Lorenzo market were taken to hospital and remain in a serious condition.

A group of Senegalese workers immediately gathered in the centre of Florence to protest against the killings. One of them told the press: “Do not tell us that he was crazy, because if he was he would have killed both blacks and whites.”

Local and national politicians sought to play down the significance of the incident and cover up the role of the Italian political establishment in encouraging xenophobia and the growth of extreme right-wing and fascistic forces. The mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, denounced the shootings and declared that they were “the actions of a lone killer.” The city administration asked shops in Florence to cease trading for ten minutes on Wednesday to “show their respect for the victims.”

The Italian president, a former leader of the Italian Communist Party, Giorgio Napolitano, went on record criticising the “barbarous killing of two foreign workers” and “this blind explosion of hatred.” The killings were also condemned by the former leader of Italy’s Democratic Party, Walter Veltroni, who denounced the attack as “pure barbarism” resulting from “the climate of intolerance towards foreigners which has been created in recent years.”

Ezra Pound’s daughter fights to wrest the renegade poet’s legacy from fascists. The 86-year-old Mary De Rachewiltz is taking on a band of Italian neofascists who are using her father’s name: here.

Italy’s CasaPound has been central to normalising fascism again in the country of its birth. Now they’re trying to enter parliament. By Tobias Jones.

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    24 Jan 2012 08:29

    MILAN, Jan 24 (Reuters) – A demonstrator taking part in a truck drivers’ protest against rising fuel costs in the northern Italian town of Asti was run over and killed in an apparent accident on Tuesday, police said.

    The Italian man was run over by a truck driven by a German, the police said.

    Truck drivers in Italy have blocked roads up and down the country over government reforms, part of measures to open up competition in protected sectors including transport to create more jobs.

    Railway workers, petrol station owners, pharmacists and lawyers say they will also strike, underlining growing opposition to Prime Minisnter Mario Monti’s measures to rein in a debt crisis and spur growth.

    The truckers’ demands include easier rules on claiming reimbursement of excise duties on fuel, caps on insurance costs and a crackdown on unlicensed transport operators.

    On Monday, a spokesman for Fiat said four of its factories in Italy would halt production starting on Tuesday. (Reporting By Sara Rossi)


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