Hush money in Trafigura pollution scandal

This is a pirate satire about the Probo Koala scandal.

17 May 2010.

From Dutch NOS TV:

Drivers: hush money from Trafigura

Update: Monday, May 17, 2010, 21:58

Truck drivers who in 2006 in the Ivory Coast transported chemical waste from the ship Probo Koala now say that they then have signed false declarations in exchange for money. They say that they became sick after that transportation, but that they had concealed that in exchange for money.

According to the drivers, the false statements were written by a lawyer of Trafigura, which had hired the ship. This is reported by NOVA TV and the Volkskrant daily.

In 2006, Ivorian people living near landfills reported they had become sick, after waste from the Probo Koala had been dumped there.

2 thoughts on “Hush money in Trafigura pollution scandal

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