Libyan war and Al-Qaeda

This video says about itself:

The conflict in Libya has no end in sight, as NATO intensifies airstrikes and increases what it calls “efforts to protect people.” It is those “efforts” that made a Libyan teenager choose death over life in a war-torn country.

Libyan rebels continued to press militants in the besieged town of Bani Walid today to lay down their arms and submit to the new Nato-backed regime: here.

Brussels confirmed on Monday that al-Qaida‘s north African affiliate AQIM has obtained … a stockpile of weapons in Libya, including surface-to-air missiles that pose a threat to air travellers: here.

Libya’s humanitarian crisis is deepening as NATO-backed forces of the National Transitional Council continue their offensive to crush forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi: here.

Libya: WikiLeaks exposes US-Gaddafi ties: here.

British involvement in torture overseas was brought to light yet again this week following the unearthing of top secret documents in Libya by Human Rights Watch: here.

Britain: Engineers tasked with repairing RAF Apache helicopters used in Afghanistan and Libya launched industrial action over pay today: here.

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