10 thoughts on “French Mali war escalates

  1. Saturday, 19 January 2013

    Puppet master Obama gives puppet Cameron’s strings a tweak

    THE White House on Thursday issued a ‘Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom’.

    The record of the phone call read: ‘President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron spoke today as part of their regular consultations on global issues, including the ongoing hostage situation in Algeria.

    ‘The leaders expressed support for the international community’s efforts, led by France, to deny terrorists a safe haven in Mali.

    ‘The Prime Minister set forth his thinking on UK-EU relations in light of his upcoming speech. The President underscored our close alliance with the United Kingdom and said that the United States values a strong UK in a strong European Union, which makes critical contributions to peace, prosperity, and security in Europe and around the world.’

    The heroic British Prime Minister, Cameron, then duly cancelled his long-awaited speech on the EU, which he had been warned – by pro-EU politicians, from Mandelson to Clarke and Heseltine – risked British membership of the EU, with its demands that powers that the UK had surrendered to the EU be repatriated, or our hero would veto the new EU treaty and have a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

    That has now been scuppered – probably never to appear again – under this Tory leader anyway.

    Cameron had been planning to address an audience of Dutch business leaders with a speech which would have been closely watched by other European leaders, the business community and supporters and critics within his own party.

    The British government is now being mobilised by Obama, alongside the ‘Socialist’ government of France, to fight a new major war in North Africa against the same forces that it is allied with in Syria in the attempt to overthrow Assad.

    Previously, it was allied with these forces in Libya where it gave massive air support to their effort to overthrow and murder Colonel Gadaffi.

    This second act of calculated NATO-supported butchery saw Al Qaeda reward its US allies by murdering the US ambassador to Libya and then organising a massive supply of arms to every body of Al Qaeda forces in North Africa.

    This development was widely predicted and foreseen by many, except for the completely bankrupt cabal that occupy 10 Downing Street which was desperate to wipe out Arab nationalism so that it could grab the oil.

    They murdered Saddam Hussein and left Iraq in ruins. They murdered Gadaffi and allowed North Africa to be flooded with arms. They are attempting to murder Assad and are seeking to destroy Syria as a country.

    Bush, Blair, Obama and Cameron have been responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands, and all they have succeeded in doing is depositing imperialism in an even bigger hole, with even bigger problems.

    So it is to be permanent war abroad and class war at home as the ruling class tries to keep the bankrupt capitalist system going at any cost, shedding a sea of blood.

    It is plain that the bankrupt capitalist system has a completely bankrupt leadership that has lost any right it may have had to rule, and which deserves to be overthrown and replaced by a socialist society as the only way forward for humanity.

    News Line urges the working class of the UK to be for the defeat of the imperialist powers who are making war on you and on the masses of the planet.

    Our enemy is at home and their defeat in North Africa will be our victory.

    In fact, we urge the trade unions to deliver a message to Cameron, that not a single British soldier must be sent to North Africa.

    The only way out of this developing crisis for the working people of the world is through the organisation of the victory of the world socialist revolution and replacing bankrupt capitalism and imperialism with socialism.



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