Italian workers strike against Berlusconi

This video is called Transport workers in Italy on strike to protest cutbacks.

Organised workers brought Italy to a halt today, piling pressure on Silvio Berlusconi’s government to scrap its €45.5 billion (£40bn) package of public-spending cuts and attacks on workers’ rights.

Millions of workers in Italy took part in a general strike today (Tuesday) against the government’s austerity plans: here. And here. And here.

Michele Leridon: Italian, Spanish Unions Mobilize Against ‘Austerity’ Plans: here.

Greece: more than 200 student occupations resist austerity: here.

5 thoughts on “Italian workers strike against Berlusconi

  1. National strike shuts down Italy’s transportation

    ‘Change the austerity package’ say protesters

    06 September, 17:28

    (ANSA) – Rome, September 9 – Trains were stopped, planes were grounded and subways came to a halt Tuesday as Italy’s largest trade union confederation CGIL staged a nationwide, one-day strike contesting the government’s controversial austerity measures in the wake of the eurozone debt crisis.

    “When you are on the edge of the abyss, you have to take a step backwards,” said Susanna Camusso, the head of CGIL.

    “This is a general strike against a budget measure which is totally unjustified and as we have seen in the past few hours totally irresponsible”.

    Lasting the length of an eight-hour workday, the labor strike shut down the metro and 70% of public buses in Rome, Naples and Turin.

    More than half of the country’s train connections were cancelled, while airports were stuffed with passengers left stranded by the cancellation of 200 flights.

    Shipments across Italy were delayed or cancelled as the strike also disrupted the flow of boats and ferries, and delivery trucks were halted for the entire day.

    Teachers, government employees and hospital workers also took part in the strike but emergency services were still available and schools were mostly unaffected due to the summer break.

    In Rome, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum were among the major tourist attractions shuttered in protest against “the government’s wrong and unjust plan”, according to CGIL, to raise 45.5 billion euros through spending cuts and tax increases over the next two years.

    Protesters who gathered in the city center unfurled a banner that said: “Change the austerity package to give a future to the country – more growth, more employment, more development”.

    The union confederation urged its five million members to take part in the strike as the budget package was considered on the floor of the Senate.

    The original budget measures were proposed and passed by Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative government in early August but the measures have since been revised several times, including the addition of a controversial measure that would make it easier for workers to be sacked.


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