Another Rightist gunman arrested in Norway

This video is called Breeding Breiviks? UK anti-Islam surges in wake of Norway massacre.

Another video from Britain, no longer on the Internet, was called EDL & Anders Breivik Links [Monday 25 July 2011]

Anders Behring Breivik seems not to be quite as unique and isolated as some people claim

Translated from RTL Nieuws in the Netherlands today:

Norwegian arrested with weapons and uniforms

The Norwegian police in Oslo has arrested a 33 years old man. In his home, officers have found one or more weapons, explosives and two police uniforms.

In his hometown, in Nordre Buskerud police district, the man is said to have threatened one or more persons. In the nineties, he had already been convicted for possession of illegal firearms, for selling arms to right-wing extremists and possession of police uniforms. The man himself has said that he had left his Nazi past behind him.

Right wing history in Norway: here.

England: GUNS OF THE EDL: here.

A South African “Breivik”? See here.

2 thoughts on “Another Rightist gunman arrested in Norway

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