Chevron oil blast kills workers

This music video is called Contravene – 08. The Lies They Want Us To Swallow. The song lyrics are:

miles beneath the earth, another machine is drilling
producing the products of mass consumption, the one they feel is worth killing for
taking the live of the people, choking the life out of earth
organized death squads to silence the protests, to ensure their profits worth…
the real facts, are plain to see, life means shit to these oil companies
they’ll murder they’ll lie, cover up deny, destroy indigenous cultures…..and poison our earth.
billions of dollars a year, but still its not enough
everyday they create new ways to turn over another buck
Exxon is the largest, with 150 billion a year, but for their workers and the environment do you think they fucking care???
their air pollution record is the worst in the business, and in Venezuela they’re destroying the rain forest, in 1989 one of their tankers ran aground spilling 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William sound, they use toxic chemicals in their refineries
and falsify their records to keep the truth from you and me
Texaco is close behind with one of the sickest histories, they made millions selling oil and gas illegally to the nazis!
and they’re tied in with Chevron, as the company Caltex
where deep in Indonesia they support apartheid governments
in the interest of oil, the company suppressed protests
issuing security forces to destroy indigenous cultures
they use toxic chemicals, in their gasoline
dump toxic waste in oceans, and support
anti environmental campaigns
then there’s fucking Shell, who merged with Texaco
and now they’re the second largest oil company in the world!
in 1989 they worked out deals with nigeria, to silence protests and killed Ken Saro Wiwa
others were hanged arrested or murdered for disrupting Shell’s operations
in villages millions were killed for, protesting their pollution
their list is endless from murder to production of illegal chemicals
they co ran operations at the rocky mountain arsenal
and this is only the beginning of the lies these companies follow
a far fucking cry from the lies, they want us to swallow!
the real facts are plain to see, life means shit to these oil companies
when there are so many more alternatives that would put our world at ease
and their fucking oppression, and smash their fucking greed
cause theres more at stake then the money they make
theres the lives the take, the lives they make
end their senseless tyranny, end their oppression, smash their greed!

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Refinery blast kills 4 workers

Friday 03 June 2011

by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

An investigation has been launched into the causes of an oil refinery blast in south Wales which killed four people and serious injured another on Thursday night.

The blast happened at around 6.20pm on Thursday evening at the Chevron Refinery near Pembroke Dock. Locals say it shook the surrounding area.

Chief Superintendent Gwyn Thomas of Dyfed Powys police said his officers were informing the relatives of the workers who had died.

He added: “A police investigation is now under way, with the Health and Safety Executive, and early indications show that this was a tragic industrial incident.”

The fire was caused by an explosion in a 730 cubic metre storage tank, which then caused damage to an adjacent tank, he said.

Local people reported hearing the explosion and seeing a plume of black smoke.

Unite, which has more than 400 members at the site, expressed its “deep sympathy” at the death of the four contractors.

Regional officer Allan Card added: “Unite regards health and safety in the workplace as the highest priority and we will fully co-operate with the investigation which is under way.

“It is premature for any conclusions to be drawn.”

Chevron confirmed that the four people who died were contractors and said another worker was receiving treatment in hospital for serious injuries.

David Urpeth, the national head of workplace injuries at Irwin Mitchell solicitors, urged the authorities to act quickly to reassure the community regarding security.

“It is absolutely vital that Chevron, the Health and Safety Executive and other authorities work swiftly to determine what caused the explosion and subsequent fire and, more importantly, how it could have been prevented,” he said.

Four workers were killed and another was seriously injured June 2 in an explosion at the Chevron Oil Refinery in Pembroke Dock, Wales: here.

The four workers killed by an explosion at a south Wales oil refinery on Thursday were named this weekend: here.

Amazon pollution victims to ask judge to award $8bn Chevron money: Guardian: here.

Chevron still fighting payout for Ecuador eco damage: here.

Exxon Texas Refinery Reports 8-Week Propylene Leak: here.

Exxon Mobil Must Pay $1.5 Billion For Gas Station Leak: here.

Anahad O’Connor, The New York Times News Service: “An ExxonMobil pipeline running under the Yellowstone River in south central Montana ruptured late Friday, spilling crude oil into the river and forcing evacuations. The pipeline burst about 10 miles west of Billings, coating parts of the Yellowstone River that run past Laurel – a town of about 6,500 people downstream from the rupture – with shiny patches of oil. Precisely how much oil leaked into the river was still unclear. But throughout the day Saturday, cleanup crews in Laurel worked to lessen the impact of the spill, laying down absorbent sheets along the banks of the river to mop up some of the escaped oil, and measuring fumes to determine the health threat”: here.

Montana Farmer Says Exxon Refuses to Admit Extent of Damage From Oil Spill Into Yellowstone River: here.

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