Ecuadorean Catholics against far-right bishop

This video says about itself:

Chevron Texaco: Ecuador’s Black Plague

From 1964 to 1992 Texaco (now Chevron) built and operated oil exploration and production facilities in the northern region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, known as the “Oriente”.

NUEVA LOJA, Ecuador, Mar 25, 2011 (IPS) – The appointment of an ultra-conservative priest as apostolic administrator of the diocese of Sucumbíos, in northeastern Ecuador, triggered open rebellion among a large proportion of the area’s Catholics, with the support of civil society organisations and even of President Rafael Correa himself: here.

Because Of WikiLeaks Cable, Ecuador Expels US Ambassador: here.

Miami Herald journalist catches Chevron lying about remediation in Ecuador: here.

Ecuador’s social spending lifts many out of poverty: here.

Ecuador’s richest businessmen raised a clamour of protest today after President Rafael Correa enacted a radical anti-monopoly law to “change the country’s power and property structure”: here.

Australia: The Roman Catholic Church has sacked the bishop of Toowoomba after 18 years of service for his belief that women can be priests: here.

8 thoughts on “Ecuadorean Catholics against far-right bishop

  1. President Correa pulls out of talks

    ECUADOR: President Rafael Correa will boycott this month’s Summit of the Americas in Colombia because Cuba is not invited, he told the host in a letter on Monday.

    The announcement by the left-wing leader makes him the first of 34 invited presidents to decline to attend the April 14-15 summit of the continent’s leaders in Cartagena.

    In his letter to President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Mr Correa called the US veto of Cuban participation “intolerable” and said its exclusion was not the result of consensus.


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