North Sea lobster plastic pollution

This video says about itself:

Ocean of Plastic

Southeast Alaskan Native drummers and singers set the frame for a documentation of the detrimental effects plastics have on the ocean. Key message: Nothing can live without the ocean. Help save the life of the ocean; steer clear of plastic bags.

From Wildlife Extra:

Scampi stuffed with plastic

Fishing net fibres clogging marine life stomachs

April 2011. A study by Scottish scientists has found that 83% of Langoustines, also known as Scampi or Norway lobster, have indigestible plastic fibres in their stomachs, usually in the form of clogging balls. The impacts on their health are unknown, but Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust wants more action to protect the fishery and other wild animals from plastic pollution.

UK fishery worth £95.8 million

Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) is the most valuable species to UK fisheries, bringing in £95.8 million in 2009, about the same as cod, haddock, plaice and monkfish all put together.

Fibres are thought to come from fishing nets, and particularly ‘chafers’ that are designed to drag along the sea bed and shed fibres of plastic.

Buglife calls for a solution to plastic fibre pollution and for more research to understand how the build up of plastic in the guts of crabs and shrimps affects their health and survival rates.

Plastic greatest danger for marine turtles: here.

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Plastic pollution off the northwest coast of North America is reaching the level of the notoriously polluted North Sea, according to a new study led by a researcher at the University of British Columbia: here.

The sea as a rubbish tip – Microplastic being absorbed by marine life: here.

Insects that skate on the ocean benefit from plastic junk: here.

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