Ruff and garganey

Today, at the northern entrance of the “Baillon’s crake reserve“: black-tailed godwit calling. Mallard with ducklings.

Canada goose. Muscovy duck.

In the northern lake, a ruddy shelduck.

A common tern flying with a fish in its bill.

A wood sandpiper near a coot and its chick.

Wood warbler singing.

About ten ruff, mainly females. But also some males with spring neck ornaments already growing.

This video is called Ruff display.

A common sandpiper flying.

A male common pochard swimming. A male teal resting at a bank.

A coot drives a Canada goose away.

A male barn swallow gathers mud for its nest.

Near the bridge, sedge warbler and edible frog sound.

Canada geese near the windmill have goslings.

A reed bunting song.

Two little grebes. An oystercatcher.

A barnacle goose with goslings.

In the southern lake, a male garganey resting.

In the big northern canal, two Egyptian geese swim with their gosling.

In the bramble bushes near the railroad, a whitethroat singing and gathering twigs for its nest.

In the ditch near the railway, an adult great crested grebe with two chicks on its back.

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