6 thoughts on “Environment-threatening Mekong dam deferred

  1. Major cash boost for green scheme

    VIETNAM: Swiss officials contributed two million francs (£1.37m) to the country’s Renewable Energy Development Programme (REDP) at a ceremony in Hanoi on Tuesday.

    The REDP, which is expected to cost £193m, aims to increase the supply of electricity from renewable sources on a commercially sustainable basis in order to address rising demand and improve access in remote areas.

    World Bank Vietnam director Victoria Kwakwa said the programme would protect the environment, promote socio-economic development and reduce exhaust fumes.


  2. Junta backs down after dam protests

    Myanmar: President Thein Sein called on Friday for work on a controversial Chinese-backed hydroelectic dam to be halted and the concerns of its critics settled in a startling turnaround welcomed by environmentalists.

    He said that the £2.3 billion Myitsone dam project in the northern state of Kachin should be suspended because “it is against the will of the people.”

    Mr Sein said work would be stopped for the duration of his term – at least until 2015 – despite ministers’ claims it would go ahead regardless of public opposition.


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