Turkish Kurds fired upon

This video is called Kerim Yildiz on Turkey-Kurdish clashes on Iraqi border.

A senior Kurdish politician has accused Turkish police of firing on protesters and killing one person in the town of Bismil in the country’s Kurdish region: here.

See also here.

Lieven De Cauter of Foreign Policy in Focus presents a letter from his colleague in Iraq: “Ah, the scenes in Tahrir were phenomenal, because Maliki and his henchmen yesterday ordered people to demonstrate in two football grounds, again on a sectarian basis, can you imagine? But he is a stupid man and so are his advisors. The Iraqis are much too intelligent and clever for all of this and proved that they are now at the point of no return in their rebellion and revolt. They assembled in Tahrir and told Maliki and his parliamentarians to go and play football in the stadiums he has assigned”: here.

Nonviolent demonstrations end and military occupation begins in Suleimaniya, Iraq: here.

1 thought on “Turkish Kurds fired upon

  1. Mayor among 35 Kurds arrested

    Turkey: Police have detained 35 people, including an acting mayor, as part of an investigation into a group accused of ties to Kurdish rebels.

    The state Anatolia news agency said the suspects were detained today in the mainly Kurdish city of Hakkari.

    Dozens of Kurdish activists, including elected mayors, are already on trial accused of membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation, which prosecutors link to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party.



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