10 thoughts on “British government’s Big Oil links

  1. BP buys Brazilian ethanol company

    BRAZIL: British oil company BP said today that it is paying $680 million (£425m) for a controlling interest in Brazilian ethanol and sugar producer CNAA.

    BP is acquiring an 83 per cent stake in the company and taking on all of CNAA’s long-term debt.

    The oil giant said the acquisition would expand its ethanol production capacity in Brazil to nine million barrels a year.

    The company already holds a half interest in Brazilian ethanol producer Tropical BioEnergia.


  2. Obama approves offshore drilling

    United States: The Obama administration is allowing deepwater drilling to resume on another Gulf of Mexico well, even though Louisiana has yet to recover from BP’s devastating oil spill last year.

    BHP Billiton PLC said on Saturday that the permit will allow it to get back to work in its Shenzi field, located about 120 miles off Louisiana’s coast.

    Oil barons and some US legislators had been pressing regulators to issue new permits before a recent spike in oil prices magnified the pressure.


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