New Lake Malawi fish species discovered

From Care2:

5 New Species of Fish Discovered

posted by Jake Richardson Mar 9, 2011 2:02 pm

Researchers have discovered five new species of wild fish endemic to Lake Malawi, which is located between Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. The new fish are in the genus Metriaclima. They are provisionally named Metriaclima glaucos, Metriaclima xanthos, Metriaclima sciasma, Metriaclima nkhunguensis, and Metriaclima mossambicus. (To see copyrighted images of the fish, visit this web page.)

Metriaclima sciasma lives on the Tanzania coast, while the others all live on the Mozambique side. All live in rocky and sandy areas, and live at depths between three and twenty meters. Lake Malawi has so many cichlids, there are some websites devoted just to them.

Repeated colonization and hybridization in Lake Malawi cichlids: here.

Mozambique’s Lake Niassa [=Lake Malawi] is declared a reserve: here.

Fish are not as dumb as people sometimes think: marine scientists have found that fish that are regularly hunted with spearguns are much more wary and keep their distance from fishers: here.

Tahoe native fish population declines sharply, invasives on the rise: here.

Birdlife International has teamed up with the Good Gifts Catalogue to raise funds for Lilian’s Lovebirds Agapornis lilianae in Malawi. Listed in the cataloque as a gift ‘for lovebirds everywhere’ it is hoped that people will spend £25 (the cost of the gift) which will go towards field equipment for surveying and monitoring the birds in Liwonde National Park, Malawi and towards community outreach programmes: here.


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