Torturer Rumsfeld gets award

This video from the USA says about itself:

Senate Report Finds Rumsfeld Directly Responsible for US Torture of Prisoners

A bipartisan Senate report has accused former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top Bush administration officials of being directly responsible for the abuse and torture of prisoners at Guantanamo and other US prisons. We speak with the man who sued Donald Rumsfeld in Berlin, German, attorney Wolfgang Kaleck.

This video is called Rumsfeld direcly responsible for torture-2/2.

Barry Eisler, American Constitution Society Blog: “Here’s what I thought when I heard the Conservative Political Action Conference has decided to honor former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld with something CPAC calls the ‘Defender of the Constitution Award.’ As I imagine CPAC is aware, Rumsfeld is the man who signed the very first memo authorizing the torture techniques that later became infamous with the revelations of photos from Abu Ghraib prison”: here.

Rumsfeld says he made a “few misstatements” about Iraq’s WMDs. We compiled a list & and it’s whole lot more than a few: here.

Rumsfeld Memoir Absolutely Worthless. By Amitabh Pal: here.

The publication of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s memoirs has provided occasion for the American media to whitewash the career of a war criminal and falsify the history of the US war on Iraq: here.

A German man who was snatched by the CIA in Macedonia and tortured at a US “black site” in occupied Afghanistan launched a legal battle against Macedonia in a Skopje court today to demand official recognition of his ordeal: here.

Bernie Sanders: Pentagon Spent Billions on Contractors That Committed Fraud: here.

Pentagon Paid Billions To Contractors Suspended For Fraud: here.

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