JPMorgan Chase complicity in Madoff fraud

This video from the USA is called Inside Story – The Madoff Scandal – Dec 17 – Part 1.

And here is Part 2.

Diana B. Henriques, The New York Times News Service: “Senior executives at JPMorgan Chase expressed serious doubts about the legitimacy of Bernard L. Madoff‘s investment business more than 18 months before his Ponzi scheme collapsed but continued to do business with him, according to internal bank documents made public in a lawsuit unsealed on Thursday. On June 15, 2007, an obviously high-level risk management officer for Chase’s investment bank sent a lunchtime e-mail to colleagues to report that another bank executive ‘just told me that there is a well-known cloud over the head of Madoff and that his returns are speculated to be part of a ponzi scheme”: here.

Bernie Madoff: Banks ‘Had To Know’ Of Fraud: here.

Mets owners scored millions in Madoff scheme: lawsuit: here.

David Becker, Top SEC Lawyer, Received Fraudulent Madoff Profits, Trustee Says: here.

Jeff Prosserman’s Chasing Madoff, about how finance investigator Harry Makopolos blew the whistle on Bernard L. Madoff and his high stakes Ponzi scheme, plays like Margin Call or other entertaining narrative cloak and dagger thrillers with a high finance slant: here.

Barry Levinson’s The Wizard of Lies on HBO: The tame, New York Times’ version of the Madoff scandal: here.

US in sweetheart deal with JPMorgan over complicity in Madoff Ponzi scheme: here.

17 thoughts on “JPMorgan Chase complicity in Madoff fraud

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  3. Madoff No2 gets decade years in jail

    United States: The brother of super-fraudster Bernie Madoff was arrested by the FBI today.

    The Madoffs’ company was once believed to be the world’s largest hedge fund.

    In reality it was a fraud that ripped off $20 billion (£13bn).

    Peter Madoff has pleaded guilty for 10 years in prison for conspiracy and falsifying records, a far cry from his brother Bernie’s 150-year sentence.


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