Botanical garden birds and flowers

Crocus laevigatus Fontenayi

Today in the botanical garden. There is still some ice in the ponds, as it had been freezing during the night. Some plants already flowering, including snowdrops and Crocus laevigatus.

A great spotted woodpecker in a tree, calling.

A ring-necked parakeet calling and flying.

A long-tailed tit (see also here) in a tree in the fern garden.

A collared dove.

Chaffinches. Blackbirds. A jay. A magpie.

Leefructus is 123 or 124-million-years-old, and is one of the earliest angiosperms – or flowering plants – yet found. That makes it roughly contemporary with the ancestors of all flowering plants around today: here.

3 thoughts on “Botanical garden birds and flowers

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