(Bumble)bees, (lady)birds and flowers of the cemetery

Buff-tailed bumblebee in lady's glove flower, 23 June 2013

23 June 2013. To the cemetery. Lady’s glove flowers near the entrance attract many insects.

Buff-tailed bumblebee flying near lady's glove flower, 23 June 2013

Including buff-tailed bumblebees and garden bumblebees.

We hear great spotted woodpecker and magpie calls.

A male chaffinch sings, and lands on a tombstone.

Moss with spore capsules, 23 June 2013

A bit further, moss with spore capsules.

Tree bumblebee on rhododendron, 23 June 2013

Rhododendrons are flowering, and attracting pollinating insects, as well. Including tree bumblebees.

Honeybee, 23 June 2013

Close to the lady’s gloves, a white flowering plant is nearly finished; but it still attracts a honeybee collecting nectar …

Hoverfly, 23 June 2013

and a hoverfly.

Ladybird, 23 June 2013

Finally, back to the lady’s gloves; which attract a ladybird.

E.U. bans another bee-killing insecticide: here.

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