Sanderlings and stone curlews

This is a whimbrel video, from the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands.

17 December 2010.

From the reservoir, we continued to a rocky coast near a fishing village south of Agadir, Morocco.

Yellow-legged gulls.

Below, close to the floodline, whimbrels and sanderlings feeding.

Ringed plovers and Kentish plovers.

Four turnstones.

An Arctic skua.

As we leave, twenty stone curlews in the sand dunes.

Read about stone curlew migration.

Stone curlew photo: here.

A bit further, cattle egrets follow a flock of sheep.

Two Whimbrels tracked by scientists from a US university have been shot by hunters on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, highlighting the continuing lack of protection for migratory shorebirds in this important part of their flyway: here.

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