Don’t send refugees to bloody Iraq

This video is called Deported Iraqi refugees sent back to UK – 16 Oct 09.

Translated from Novum news agency in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands must not send Iraqis back to Baghdad now. The situation in Baghdad is too unsafe, Pro Refugees in the Netherlands says. The organization has sent a letter to Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA).

This Wednesday, a group deportation of rejected asylum seekers to Iraq has been planned. Pro Refugees claims however that it is irresponsible to send the Iraqi refugees back to the capital. “Ever since the elections in March in Iraq, the situation has only worsened. There are many dead and wounded, including many civilian casualties.”

USA: An Iraq veteran’s harrowing journey from the battlefield to suicide: here.

A heavily armed veteran from the war in Iraq has marched into a Georgia military hospital and taken three workers hostage at gunpoint before authorities persuaded him to surrender peacefully: here.

Two U.S. soldiers killed in northern Iraq were first fatalities since formal end of combat operations: here.

2 Americans Killed, 9 wounded by Iraqi Soldier: here.

What We Didn’t Hear from Obama on Iraq, Institute for Policy Studies: here.

The wife of a British man who claims to have been tortured in Iraq called on the coalition government on Sunday to increase efforts to secure his release.

Kurdish campaigners expressed concern today over reports that leading members of their community in Britain had been targeted by MI5 and threatened under anti-terror laws: here.

Don’t send refugees from the Netherlands to bloody Somalia: here.

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