British anti-refugee policy is illegal

This video is called Deported Iraqi refugees sent back to UK – 16 Oct 09.

Britain: Deportation fast-track system for asylum seekers is illegal, court rules. Medical Justice, a group that helps detainees, wins case against government over removal of people with little or no notice: here.

Systemic failings in the appeals and detention system for asylum in Britain are letting down thousands of refugees, charities have stated in response to a new government report on the sector: here.

From British daily News Line:

Thursday, 14 April 2011

‘Detaining children is not a necessary evil’

THE announcement by the Coalition Government back in May 2010 that it would be ending the detention of children for immigration purposes was widely welcomed.

Finally the wealth of accumulated evidence on the gap between policy and practice in decisions to detain, and on the negative impacts of detention on children’s mental and physical well-being was being taken into account. Or so it seemed.

The introduction of ‘a radical new process’ by the Home Office for removing families with children who have no right to remain in the UK raises significant concerns about whether the Government has delivered on its commitment to end the detention of children.

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