BP oil scandals continue

This video is called Greenpeace launch logo competition to rebrand BP.

Gulf Dead Zone is now the size of Massachusetts, one of the largest ever recorded: here.

Scientists Deeply Concerned About BP Disaster’s Long-Term Impact: Gulfport, Louisiana: here.

USA: “Now the real work begins.” saving marshes along the Gulf: here.

Laura’s Birding Blog: BP says they are not pulling out, but they are! Here.

USA: Oil company, law enforcement block media access to public sites hit by Michigan oil spill: here.

Britain: Greenpeace has urged the government to stop BP‘s plans for deep oil drilling off the Shetland Isles and demanded a US-style moratorium on all similar operations.

Oil exploration in UK threatens bottlenose dolphins: here.

2 thoughts on “BP oil scandals continue

  1. BP starts new bid to plug Gulf spill

    United States: BP engineers are poised to begin shoving cement into the blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico in a bid to plug the leak that has pumped out as much as 184 million gallons.

    The well is currently plugged by an experimental cap that has held for more than two weeks but was never meant to be permanent.

    The “static kill” attempt that was scheduled to get under way last night may not work, and BP engineers plan to follow it up by sending a stream of mud and cement into the bottom of the mile-deep underground reservoir.



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