English dinosaur tracks protected

This video from Utah in the USA says about itself:

Travel Adventure: Kane County Dinosaur Tracks

180 million years ago you could see the dinosaurs who left behind the tracks we are seeing today.

From the BBC:

Dinosaur tracks to be protected

The tracks are at risk from exposure to the elements and damage from erosion

Dinosaur footprints discovered in Oxfordshire mudflats are to be protected as part of a geological conservation site.

Up to 40 sets of tracks, at Ardley Trackways near Bicester, include those belonging to large dinosaurs related to Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

The tracks, found in 1997, are located alongside where the M40 now runs.

Natural England confirmed that the area has been made a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).

The board will decide whether to confirm the designation in four months, after a public consultation.

Researchers have been able to work out how fast the dinosaurs were travelling by studying the distance between individual footprints.

It is thought that some of the species reached speeds of up to 20mph (32kph).

Natural England is working with the owners and operators of the site to ensure that the fossilised tracks are preserved.

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