Dutch anti-immigration bureaucracy kills Haitian girl

This video says about itself:

Amnesty International is urging authorities in the Dominican Republic to immediately halt the mass deportation of Haitian migrants amid claims by the authorities that the move is necessary to prevent the spread of cholera.

For people who might think that I blame all the tragedies of the Haitian people on the United States government, armed forces, and corporations: no, others cause horrible problems as well.

Like Dutch authorities.

From Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad:

Teenager dies because of immigration authorities’ procrastination

Denaise Jean-Baptiste might have lived safely in the Netherlands

PORT-AU-PRINCE – The 15-year-old Denaise Jean-Baptiste from Haiti would probably still be alive if the IND [Dutch immigration authorities] would not have procrastinated.

They procrastinated about the file about reunification with her mother in the Netherlands. Now, the girl has died during the violent earthquake in Haiti. The family’s lawyer has asked the Foreign Affairs department to grant permission to her brother and two sisters to come to the Netherlands soon.

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