‘Get US military base out of Curaçao’

This video is called # of US Military Bases? No One Knows!

From Dutch news agency ANP:

Curaçao politician wants US base to close down

14 November ’09, 21:42

WILLEMSTAD – The contract with the United States military ‘location’ on Curaçao which finishes in 2010, should not be prolonged. This Saturday, Curaçao politician Helmin Wiels of the opposition party Pueblo Soberano said that.

‘In this way, we will prevent that Curaçao will be dragged along into a future war between Venezuela and the USA.’ Wiels is convinced that the recently rising tensions between Colombia and Venezuela, will finally lead to a war between the USA and President Hugo Chávez‘ country.

The USA have several military bases in Colombia and recently, contracts have been concluded for more bases there. According to Wiels, the USA are aiming consciously at a war against Venezuela. He thinks that this may have ‘disastrous’ consequences for Curaçao. ‘As long as we will allow the USA to have a military base of their own on Curaçao, we will be seen as traitors in Venezuelan eyes. We are a small country, and it is better for us to have good relationships with all sides.’

The US American Forward Operation Location (FOL) is on Curaçao ever since 2000. From there, the USA flies over South America as part of the “war on drugs“. The ten-year contract for the locations on Curaçao and Aruba will finish next year. If one of the two parties will not object, it will be prolonged automatically. Wiels calls on the government of the Netherlands Antilles to be active and to close down the FOL.

Colombian music and politics: here.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has rejected a White House offer at the weekend to “mediate” in the dispute over US military bases in Colombia: here.

Venezuela has no interest in direct talks with Colombia to end a months-long crisis, but would back an effort by other south American nations to broker a solution, a top government official has said: here.

When 14 Colombian trade union members were in the United States for a training program, they were unable to forget just how dangerous it is to support unions in their home country. During the two months they were here, four of their colleagues were assassinated: here.

Britain, Unite conference: Colombian human rights activist Martin Sandoval stunned delegates at Unite’s industrial conferences into silence as he recounted how 31 workers in his country had been killed so far this year – one every 10 days – simply for being a union organiser or a workplace rep: here.

A Colombian court has convicted a retired army general on Wednesday of murder and sentenced him to 40 years in prison for his role in a notorious 1997 massacre by right-wing paramilitaries: here.

Colombian trade unionists take campaign to US – meanwhile 4 more colleagues assassinated: here.

Brussels, 09 December 2009: The ITUC is appalled at the strategy used by the Colombian government to discredit the ITUC Colombian affiliates – CUT, CGT and CTC – and the National Trade Union School by sending incendiary information from a completely unrepresentative trade union to European Union Members of Parliament: here.

Colombia’s opposition parties have moved closer to organising a coalition to confront a possible re-election bid next year by far-right President Alvaro Uribe, here.

RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: Soldiers Accused of Extrajudicial Killings Freed: here.

US threatens Iran and Venezuela, here.

Spy-flights over Venezuela from Curaçao: SP demands answers: here.

US plane violates Venezuelan airspace: here.

Colombia has conceded that it has fallen short of its goal for eradicating coca crops this year, blaming the failure on budget problems despite having received billions of dollars in US aid: here.

Seven Colombian soldiers are to stand trial for the 2002 killing of the husband of an indigenous rights activist known for her criticism of President Alvaro Uribe, prosecutors announced on Tuesday: here.

Miami’s El Nuevo Herald and Spain’s Público have run stories in the past two days about a shocking find in La Macarena, about 200 miles south of Bogotá, Colombia: here.

Amnesty has called on Colombia to take “immediate action to protect indigenous peoples” as it released a damning report documenting a surge in violence against tribal communities in the country: here.

US combat plane stationed at the military base in Curaçao violated Venezuelan airspace yesterday: here.

A US Geological Survey geologist has said that Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt accounts for one of the world’s largest known oil deposits holding 513 billion barrels of recoverable heavy crude – nearly twice as much as the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia: here.

Latin American and Caribbean leaders have agreed to create a new regional bloc that excludes the US and Canada: here.

Oliver Stone’s new documentary about Latin America’s leftward political shift and its growing independence from Washington is being lambasted by the media. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Stone calls out the mainstream media in his new film South of the Border for its mostly one-sided, distorted coverage of the region’s political leaders — most significantly Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: here .

6 thoughts on “‘Get US military base out of Curaçao’

  1. War IS The Answer!

    Poem by Khem

    18 November 2009

    I wonder why

    I’ve felt like shit ever since they declared war on drugs

    I’ve been starving ever since they declared war on hunger

    I’ve been depressed since they declared war on mental illness

    I can’t get a break since they declared war on inequality

    I’ve been broke ever since they declared war on poverty

    I’ve been on the street since they declared war on homelessness

    I’ve been afraid ever since they declared war on terror

    I haven’t had a moment’s peace since they declared war on war


    From: Cultural Dissent, Green Left Weekly issue #818 18 November 2009.


  2. US-Colombia military deal: Threat of imperialist-backed war on

    By Kiraz Janicke
    November 9, 2009 — The possibility of an imperialist-backed war in the
    Americas came a step closer on October 30, when Colombia and the United
    States finalised a 10-year accord allowing the US to massively expand
    its military presence in the Latin American country. The move comes as
    the US. seeks to regain its hegemony over Latin America – which has
    declined over the past decade in the context of a continent-wide
    rebellion against neoliberalism spearheaded by the revolution in
    Venezuela, led by President Hugo Chavez.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1346


  3. Uribe third term looks more likely

    Colombia: Prosecutor General Alejandro Ordonez has cleared the way for a referendum on changing the country’s constitution to allow President Alvaro Uribe to stand for a third term.

    Although Mr Ordonez emphasised that he “recognised the irregularities” in how signatures requesting the referendum were collected – an allusion to charges of threats and bribes – the prosecutor declared that “these irregularities do not affect the expression of the will of the people.”

    The legal ruling allows the referendum to take place at the same time as Congressional elections due in March. Colombia’s presidential election will take place on May 30, but Mr Uribe has still not declared whether he intends to be a candidate, insisting that the decision is “in God’s hands.”



  4. Students called for military work

    Colombia: President Alvaro Uribe has exhorted university students in Medellin to work for the military as informers “to help prevent crime.”

    Mr Uribe offered to pay students 100,000 pesos (about £30) a month to pass information to the army after claiming that drug gangs had re-emerged in the city.

    Omitting to mention that many of the gangs were made up of right-wing paramilitaries “demobilised” by the government, the president added that “the authorities were determined to combat the violence.”



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