12 thoughts on “McNamara of Vietnam war and Ford Motors dies

  1. Old bomb kills four civilians

    Vietnam: A government offical has reported that four men were killed when a Vietnam war-era bomb exploded when they were scavenging for metal.

    The Communist Party secretary of Huong Hoa village Truong Quang Than said that three farmers and a teacher were killed when the bomb exploded on Monday.

    The area was part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was bombarded by US planes during the war, to prevent the movement of supplies, men and weapons from the North to southern battlefields.



  2. Hanoi discovers two mass graves

    Vietnam: Authorities have reported that they have found two mass graves containing the remains of 16 Vietnamese People’s Army (VPA) soldiers, killed during the 1959-75 war against the US.

    Local People’s Committee member Tran Cong Kha said that the remains were recovered last week with personal effects and ammunition in the courtyard of a residence in Quang Tri.

    Authorities believe that the soldiers were among over 10,000 VPA fighters who died in the 81-day battle to liberate Quang Tri in 1972.



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