14 thoughts on “Diego Rivera murals in Detroit

  1. That was big for Ford as he wasn’t very big on art from what I’ve read.

    Aristotle wrote about and said something like without art man cannot understand himself. He had a few theories but I think his idea of examination fits best with Rivera’s pieces. We know and examine an art piece on what we know about ourselves and create the connection. To lose art is to lose a form of language that is needed in that area.


    • As far as I know, Henry Ford thought history was “bunk”, maybe he felt the same about art. Maybe Edsel Ford differed from Henry Ford in this.

      Yes, indeed Detroit should not lose its art


      • Ha, they must have made a great pair. Engineers aren’t known for their art collections. Henry was scouted by several art dealers or so the story goes. I’m sure Henry felt triumphant in commissioning a piece of his own.

        I’ve been to Detroit several times and one side is on fire while the other is really nice. Most people work on the really nice side and live in the side that’s on fire. The fires from the factories leave the night aglow in this perpetual dusk.


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