White-clawed crayfish in England

From the BBC:

Breeding ‘success’ for crayfish

A breeding programme aimed at reversing declines of the white-clawed crayfish has produced 300 young this year in the Yorkshire Dales.

Natural England, the government’s conservation body, said the success of the breeding scheme offered a ray of hope to the rare native crustacean.

The white-clawed crayfish is one of England’s most threatened species.

Natural England and the Environment Agency are seeking funding to expand the programme, which began in 2003.

The white-clawed crayfish was once common in upland rivers and streams but is being driven out by its invasive cousin, the American signal crayfish.

The more aggressive American species, which was brought to the country to be farmed, also carries a “plague” which is fatal to the native crayfish.

Crude analogy between invasive US crayfish and immigrants treads fine line between lawfulness and racial incitement: here.

Crayfish in the Netherlands: here.

Alien Crayfish Invasion: here.

Vietnam battles US invaders: turtles and crayfish: here.

Crayfish Decisions – Crayfish brains may give us clues to our own decision-making process: here.

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