German spying on aid organization in Afghanistan

This is a video from Germany: people demonstrated there in February 2010 to get the German troops out of Afghanistan.

From Der Spiegel in Germany:


Germany Spied on Aid Organization in Afghanistan

Germany’s foreign intelligence agency has said it spied on the office of a German food aid organization in Afghanistan to glean information on the country’s security situation and on possible terror attacks. The agency is threatening legal action and has called for a government inquiry.

Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), spent years spying on an office of a German aid organization in Afghanistan. The BND has informed the group, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe or German Agro Action, that it monitored the e-mail traffic of Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO), an agency run by Welthungerhilfe, between October 2005 and April 2008. …

Intriguingly, during the period in question, Welthungerhilfe was run by Ingeborg Schäuble, the wife of German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Insurgent attacks on NATO trucks highlight US military crisis in Afghanistan: here.

4 thoughts on “German spying on aid organization in Afghanistan

  1. Sat Dec 6, 5:37 pm ET

    KANDAHAR (AFP) – Four Taliban militants were killed and at least four civilians injured on Saturday as international forces bombed two houses in southern Afghanistan after a patrol was attacked, officals said. …

    In this bombing, four women were also wounded.


  2. Afghanistan:

    RAWA to Obama: Get Out of Our Country
    [W]e don’t think that Obama’s position is different from the Bush administration; it is the continuation of Bush’s foreign policy. As Obama’s first message to our country was that of war, we cannot be hopeful about him.

    Seven Years Later
    [S]even years later, what has the US achieved?. . . . Americans are seen as the aggressors, and the militants are seen as the protectors.

    Occupation Commanders Clueless
    “Frankly . . . we don’t know what we don’t know.”

    Puppet Forces Defect
    “Our soil is occupied by Americans and I want them to leave this country. That is my only goal.”

    Challenging Myths of the “Good War”
    “Afghan officials are only offering their condolences. After some 100 times that they have killed civilians, we have to take revenge, and afterward say our condolences to them.”


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