Australian frogs, new research

Pseudophryne bibronii

From Monash University in Australia:

Promiscuous frogs spread eggs widely

Friday, 07 November 2008

A groundbreaking new study into the mating and nesting practices of a common Australian frog has found they partner up to eight males sequentially — the highest recorded of any vertebrate.

Dr Phillip Byrne from Monash University’s School of Biological Sciences has researched the Bibron’s toadlet (Pseudophryne bibronii) for six years and in this latest field trip, discovered a new behaviour undetected in a frog species until now.

“Our study revealed that females made the active decision to distribute their eggs between the nests of up to eight different males,” Dr Byrne said.

Dr Byrne led the study, which involved Professor Scott Keogh from the Australian National University, in an area at Jervis Bay National Park on the New South Wales south coast.

New species of frog found in Karnataka: here.

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