Stop Trump’s Scottish golf plans

This video is about landowners refusing to sell their property on the sandy coast of Scotland that Donald Trump needed to complete a planned golf resort.

From Wildlife Extra:

Reaction to the decision to let Donald Trump build over an SSSI

03/11/2008 22:56:53

The Scottish governments decision to approve the building of a huge new golf course and leisure hotel on an SSI has outraged environmentalists. The development, which includes two 18 hole golf courses with clubhouse, a 450 bedroom hotel with conference centre and spa, 950 holiday apartments, 36 golf villas, 500 houses for sale and accommodation for 400 staff, has been given the green light despite the advice of the Scottish government’s own environment agency, the local council’s objection, and an alternative plan put forward by the RSPB that would have preserved the SSSI.

“Green Scotland” is sold down the river – RSPB

Ministers ditch green strategic objective with Trump decision

November 2008. Commenting on the decision by the Scottish Government to approve the planning application by Trump International Golf Links Scotland for a development on the Menie Estate and Foveran Links Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on the Aberdeenshire coast, Aedan Smith, head of planning and development at RSPB Scotland said:

“RSPB Scotland is surprised and extremely disappointed at this decision, which we believe is wrong both for Aberdeenshire and for Scotland. By the Applicant’s own admission, reiterated at the Public Local Inquiry, the development will cause the destruction of a dune system, with its precious wildlife, on a site which is protected by law and should continue to be available for future generations to enjoy. We, and the thousands of other objectors, consider that this is too high a price to pay for the claimed economic benefits from this development.

After years as perhaps the most recognisable face of capitalist success and excess, Donald Trump is suddenly bogged down in a string of legal and financial battles across his property and entertainment empire: here.

Construction has finished on US property tycoon Donald Trump’s controversial luxury golf resort, despite fierce opposition from local residents and environmentalists: here.

Scots are overwhelmingly opposed to billionaire “bully” Donald Trump’s plans to evict locals living on a stretch of unspoilt coastline so he can build a sprawling golf resort.

Triumphant Trump wants second golf links on Scotland’s wild coastline: here.

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