New Mark Fiore animation about United States politicians manipulating photos

This video says about itself:

A World Without Picasso’s Guernica

Jul 18, 2012

A poem by Greg Mosson.

From his website:

During the infamous United Nations speech by then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell arguing for invasion of Iraq, a blue curtain covered up this Guernica tapestry. The curtain hid Guernica from reporters and cameras waiting to question Powell and others when they exited the U.N. Security Council.

Art is a form of memory. That speech that day was not about proving, but forgetting.

A World Without Picasso’s Guernica

February 5, 2003

At the United Nations, blue drapes sheath
a tapestry rendition of Guernica, so speakers can paint
blitzkrieging dreams, burying screams affixed and aired;
killing machines can work again.

Who expunged Guernica from the U.N.,
and then did U.N. walls tremor
down to their foundation
in the “war to end all wars”
and covetous twentieth century?

Yesterday, today, or tomorrow
bombs drop and discombobulated body parts
hurl through the air, and brown limbs
burst from horses
and spin past a still-standing bystander
as infernos smoke and buildings crumble.

There is a new Mark Fiore animation on the Internet.

It is about United States politicians manipulating photos with computer programs like Photoshop for propaganda; like with the speech by Colin Powell at the United Nations about supposed “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, the official excuse for the Iraq war.

The animation is here.

It is called Politishop 8.0.

2 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation about United States politicians manipulating photos

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