World’s oldest seal’s 50th birthday party

This video from the USA is called La Jolla Harbor Seals – Short Documentary.

From Vroege Vogels in the Netherlands:

The seal Else, in Ouwehands zoo in Rhenen, will have her fiftieth birthday this Friday. According to the zoo that makes Else the world’s oldest seal. On Friday, her keepers will give her a special fish pie.

Since 1974, Else used to live with male seal Dolf in a pond in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Dolf died in 2001, 39 years old. Else was saddened by this loss and was wasting away.

Then, it was decided to move her to the group of seals in the miniature Wadden sea of Ouwehands zoo. Between those thirteen seals with lots of space, Else started to feel better again. Else is healthy now, though almost blind, her keepers say.

Else dies: here.

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