16 thoughts on “Guernica’s lost children

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  13. Monday 22nd May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A PLAQUE to mark the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Basque child refugees from the Spanish civil war was unveiled in West Sussex over the weekend.

    Crowds gathered at the former site of Penstone House, now Lancing library, in an event on Saturday organised by parish councillor Lee Cowen.

    A group of children, some as young as seven, came to Lancing as part of 4,000 who arrived in Southampton from Bilbao on May 23 1937.

    Their parents had sent them to Britain to escape the bombs of Hitler’s Condor Legion, which had destroyed the Basque market town of Guernica a month earlier.

    The children were housed in various parts of Britain, with the costs largely covered by the labour and progressive movement after the government of the day refused to commit public funds to support them.

    Those gathered on Saturday heard from Manuel Moreno, whose mother was one of the children.

    He praised the solidarity and generosity of the people of Lancing for welcoming the young refugees.



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