Poem about Federico Garcia Lorca

This is a video about Federico Garcia Lorca.

From British daily The Morning Star, about the famous Spanish poet, murdered by fascist supporters of General Franco during the Spanish civil war:

POETRY: Three O’Clock in the Morning by Eve Pearce

Edited by John Rety

POETRY: Pick of the week.

I dreamed of you again
Federico Garcia Lorca.

As always a scent of roses
preceded your appearance,
on a white horse, a garland round her neck,
her flanks drenched with sweat.

Federico Garcia Lorca
why do you come to me?

Can I stop the bullet in the field?

Your eyes when they look into mine
are bewildered – you were in a safe house,
the house of your friend – a Falangist
but still a friend. His mother took you in.

The Black Squad came nonetheless –
oh yes, nonetheless

Federico Garcia Lorca –
your talent was your undoing.

In the morning the sun shone,
the Alhambra sparkled
and they shot you ‘with several others,’
buried you in the ravine where you fell.

You look into my almond eyes
with your round ones. Why do you come to me?

My heart leaps. Your white horse –
‘Ah’, the passion in that horse –
she rears and whinnies.

The scent of roses is overpowering.

Federico Garcia Lorca
I shall dream of you again.

About the Poet

This is a new poem by Eve Pearce. She has been an actress for 50 years, was born in Aberdeen and arrived in London when she was 12 years old wearing a MacDonald clan tartan kilt and a Tyrolean embroidered cardigan having spent most of the 16-hour journey fast asleep on the shoulder of a young soldier.

She has published a pamphlet Woman in Winter (Hearing Eye).

John Rety of Hearing Eye Press and Torriano Meeting House is a former editor of anarchist paper Freedom.

‘Extraordinary’ Lorca manuscript discovered: here.

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