New monkey species discovered in South America

This is a video about Amazon rainforest wildlife.

From New Scientist:

New monkey species is already endangered

* 19 January 2008 …

A uacari monkey living in north-western Amazonia, it belongs to a species unknown to science until recently but is now named Cacajao ayresii in honour of Brazilian biologist Marcio Ayres, who pioneered field studies on uacaris.

Uacaris are traditionally associated with flooded forests on the margins of lowland rivers, but this one turned up in a mountainous area of the Pico de Neblina region on the Brazil-Venezuela border, a long way from its relatives. The new species has a very restricted distribution, says Jean-Philippe Boubli of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, who describes it in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Primatology. Since it lives outside any protected area and is hunted by local people, Boubli says it should immediately be considered endangered.

7 thoughts on “New monkey species discovered in South America

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