Poems about bats and the environment

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bat slide presentation showing a variety of beautiful bats found at the Organization for Bat Conservation‘s Bat Zone in Michigan.

Developer fined £3,500 for destroying bat roost in England: here.

Rare Bechstein’s bat in Britain: here.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Michael Baron’s On a Bat’s Wing: Poems About Bats (Five Leaves, £7.99) is a wonderfully batty collection of poems about the common chiroptera. You might not think that there would be enough poems about bats to fill a book. But poets have always hung out where bats hang out.

From Ovid to Ted Hughes, poets have been fascinated by these extraordinary creatures of nightmare and darkness, ritual, myth and superstition. It’s fascinating to compare the different ways – psychological, mythic, comic and surreal – that so many poets, including Emily Dickinson, DH Lawrence, Vicki Feaver, Gillian Clarke and Seamus Heaney, have written about the same subject. …

Neil Astley‘s Earth Shattering: Ecopoems (Bloodaxe Books, £9.99). Astley has gathered over 300 poets from fourth century AD China to contemporary native American poetry, from Wordsworth to Robinson Jeffers, John Clare to Ernesto Cardenal.

Ecopoems is a huge, wonderfully ambitious and wide-ranging manifesto in verse for the planet and its peoples, green, postcolonial, feminist and socialist, detailing environmental destruction, urging resistance and warning against apocalypse.

The book ends with the words of Primo Levi.

“Very soon we will extend the desert/Into the Amazon forests/Into the living heart of our cities/Into our very hearts.”

The Bechstein’s bat, more Mediterranean than thought: here.

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