Church of England head slams Bush’s wars

In this video from the USA

Reverend Billy of the Stop Shopping Church and CODEPINK go to the halls of Congress to sing “Don’t Buy Bush’s War”.

From the Australian Broadcassting Corporation:

Church of England head slams US foreign policy

The head of the 70-million strong worldwide Anglican communion, Dr Rowan Williams, has made another outspoken attack on American foreign policy.

Dr Williams, who is the Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual head of the Church of England, made the comments to a British magazine which has a mainly Muslim readership.

He compared America’s use of power unfavourably with the old British Empire, and said Washington’s attempts to accumulate influence around the world were not working.

He cited the situation in Iraq as a particular example.

Though the history of the old British Empire is full of bloody wars, occupations, slavery, etc., indeed, in the case of Iraq, British occupation, though bloody, did not lead to over a million dead, four million refugees, and the other disasters of George W. Bush’s present occupation.

The interview is in emel magazine.

See also here.

5 thoughts on “Church of England head slams Bush’s wars

  1. Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Mon Nov 26, 2007 5:28 pm (PST)
    Leaders of Bush’s Church Call for Iraq Withdrawal

    Nov. 23, 2007

    Two years ago, the leaders of the United Methodist Church,
    of which George Bush claims to be a member, called for a
    timeline to withdraw from Iraq. Now — unlike Congress —
    they’re upping the ante.

    Bishops of the United Methodist Church elected an Iowa
    bishop to lead them and called on the United States and its
    allies to begin an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

    Iowa Bishop Gregory Vaughn Palmer, 53, was elected to lead
    the worldwide Council of Bishops of the 11 million-member
    church, the nation’s second largest Protestant denomination.

    The resolution calling for an immediate troop withdrawal from
    Iraq also urges no permanent military bases in Iraq,
    increased support for military veterans and support for a
    reconstruction plan.

    This isn’t the first time Bush has been called to account by his
    brethren. As early as 2003, just after the triumphant “end of
    major combat operations in Iraq,” Methodists expressed
    their displeasure with the current occupant. A group of 120
    of their leaders signed a document entitled “A Prophetic
    Epistle from United Methodists Calling Our Brother George
    W. Bush to Repent.”


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