Tony Blair converts to Roman Catholicism

This video is called We haven’t forgotten Tony Blair – British Soldier Speaks Out.

This Reuters video from Britain is called Blair, Bush lampooned at Iraq inquiry.

British daily News Line comments on Tony Blair‘s recent conversion to Roman Catholicism:

TONY BLAIR, his hands still dripping with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and with financial scandals swirling all round him, from the alleged sale of honours, to the decision to halt the prosecution of corrupt business relations with Saudi Arabia, has just joined the Roman Catholic Church.

Its current pope served his fuhrer in the Hitler Youth, and the Church’s history is littered with atrocity after atrocity, from the foul deeds of the Holy Inquisition, the massacres of the Huguenots, its position and role as the anchor of feudalism, and in the 20th century its open support for Spanish and Italian fascism, along with its sponsorship of the Ustasha fascist state of Croatia.

The Papacy is wallowing in blood. Tony Blair has truly come home!

However, there are some complexities in this conversion. Officially, like the church Tony Blair has been a member of so far, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic church opposes Tony Blair’s Iraq war.

The reality behind Britain’s claims of military success in Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

Science bows to theology as the Pope dismantles Vatican observatory: here.

7 thoughts on “Tony Blair converts to Roman Catholicism

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