Movie about Joe Strummer, Clash punk rocker

This is is a video of The Clash; playing their song 1977 live.

By James Vassilopoulous in Australia:

Strummer – the gentle rebel of punk music

14 September 2007

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten
Directed by Julien Temple
Dendy Films, 123 minutes

“People can change anything they want to. They can stop following mouse trails. We can take back our humanity. Greed is going nowhere. Without people you’re nothing,” said Joe Strummer at the end of the marvellous, emotional and moving documentary by Julien Temple.

Temple told Green Left Weekly that Strummer’s life is still really important for young people. Throughout the documentary we hear the spoken, eerie words of Strummer as though he were still alive.

Joe Strummer was best known as the singer, guitarist and songwriter of punk-rock group The Clash. He was born John Mellor. He called himself Joe Strummer, in a humble way, because he was left-handed but learned to play guitar as a right-hander would. So all he could do was strum.

Interview with Joe Strummer’s widow: here.

This is a Clash lost in the Supermarket video.

2014 Clash film: here.

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