USA: capitalist ideology as cult like religion, cartoon

Free market cult of Ayn Rand's book Allas Shrugged, cartoon

There is a new cartoon, about cult like belief in capitalism in the USA, by Jen Sorensen.

That cartoon is here.

How Ayn Rand ruined my childhood. My dad saw objectivism as a logical philosophy to live by, but it tore my family apart: here.

44 thoughts on “USA: capitalist ideology as cult like religion, cartoon

  1. I think it was HL Mencken (sp?) who said that the American ideology is crackpot realism. This cartoon is not too far from reality.


  2. Funny the cartoon should mention global warming, given the cult-like persistence of belief that humans are the main cause of climate change — in the face of a lack of evidence to support that conclusion which is harder and harder to ignore. Naturally those people who believe that the “Greenhouse Effect” caused by humans releasing CO2 and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere means the earth will continue getting warmer (never mind the fact that the 20th century temperature record completely debunks this theory) think that governments are the appropriate institutions to fix this “problem”. Their irrational faith in government tends to be a far more visible feature of public life than does any faith in free markets. If people really believed in free markets, they would rise up and demand that things like zoning laws be abolished. No, the cartoonist seems to be living in her own reality, a world where greedy, evil corporate executives run our lives and only the compassionate, public-interest-minded folks in government, who are accountable to the people, can protect us.


  3. Hi “Starchild”, scientists are basically unanimous on human-caused global warming. Even top climate denialist Lomborg (not a climate scientist, but a statistician) has now changed his previous negationist mind.

    If you would abolish zoning laws, “developers” would ruin all natural and urban beauty with ugly buildings.

    So, you believe “evil corporate executives” do not exist? Never heard about Enron? Never heard about Boeing’s torture flights? Never heard about Blackwater/Xe? Besides, a CEO does not really have to be personally evil for results of his decisions to be disastrous. He just has to be a bit stupid and/or short-sighted. Presumably, the BP oil disaster executives were not totally personally evil; however, they certainly were/are stupid and short-sighted. And even if CEO’s are individually not stupid and short-sighted, they still have to work within an economic system which is.

    Oh yeah, and could your cult please stop stealing Martin Luther King’s rhetoric (“freedom ring”), which your “hero” Glenn Beck does as well?


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