After Macron-Italian conflict, Macron-Dutch conflict

This video from France says about itself:

Macron “The Invader”: Italian papers lash out at France over border row

Monday, 2 April, 2018 Part I: For French papers it was a mere “hiccup,” but the Italian press is furious that French border guards made a Nigerian man take a drug test on Italian soil. “France has violated Italy’s borders” headlines La Stampa, while for Repubblica the incident reveals “France’s true face” on immigration. We also take a quick look at reactions to clashes on the Gaza border, tributes to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., and black cowboys comin’ straight outta Compton.

10 months after this Italian-French conflict about French border guards arresting a Nigerian refugee on Italian soil … while French President Macron and the Italian government wage a bloody oil war in Libya, Macron has another conflict with the Dutch government.

This time not about oil, like with Italy, but about the Air France-KLM Franco-Dutch airline.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Macron calls Dutch decision on Air France-KLM an ‘unfriendly move’

The French president Macron wants clarification from the Dutch government about their decision to buy a share in Air France-KLM.

In the past few weeks, the Dutch state bought 680 million euros worth of shares in the holding company and now owns more than 12 percent of the corporation. France calls that an unfriendly move by the Netherlands.

Probably, Macron will now preach to the Dutch government that governmental influence in corporations violates the Free Enterprise sacred gospel of Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump; and that, eg, in transport, there should be privatisation instead of governments owning shares.

The Dutch government did this because they were afraid that French influence was marginalizing the interests of Dutch businesses and government in Air France-KLM. They may reply to Macron‘s preaching that even with the Dutch government’s 12% of the shares bought recently, that is still less than the 14,3% of shares owned by the French government.

Flemish righ-wing N-VA government party politician Bourgeois supports Macron: here.

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