Oligarchy or democracy in the USA?

This 2014 video is about the question: is there democracy or oligarchy in the USA?

21 thoughts on “Oligarchy or democracy in the USA?

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  3. The Oligarchy is real. And it is not just ruling the U.S.A., it is in control of our entire world.

    Plutocracy, The Oligarchy, aka the 1%. Jimmy Carter, Jesse Ventura, and Bernie Sanders are right. It is not OUR world while others own it and run it. Learn what you need to know.

    They have had control of our world for thousands of years! They created a Heaven on Earth for themselves, at our expense! Please read, learn and share this information. Thank you.

    The True Context Of Ancient History & The Gordian Emperors

    Ancient Alias Names List (2017)

    All Roman Emperors From Antoninus Pius On Were Descended From Piso Family Of Rome

    Oligarchy And Ancient Genealogies

    The Roman Piso Papers


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  18. We call ourselves a Democracy—a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However, the sad truth is that America has very low rates of participation in our “democracy.” In 2016 fewer than six-in-ten Americans voted, and in this year’s off-year election, 40 million fewer Americans are predicted to vote.

    For the past six weeks, we at the Sanders Institute with one of our founding fellows, Senator Nina Turner, have highlighted some of the glaring issues in the American voting system.

    We want to continue to educate about these important issues. Help us produce more papers and videos highlighting these and other important issues in the United States of America.

    Millions of Americans around the country are restricted from voting and millions more face hurdles that seem insurmountable.

    These past weeks we have covered:

    Tuesday and Early Voting: The inconveniences of Tuesday voting and how early voting, no-excuse absentee voting and voting on the weekend or holidays could help Americans vote.

    Unaffiliated Voters: The disenfranchisement of many of the 46% of Americans who identify as independents because they cannot participate in closed primaries.

    Voter ID Laws: The 21 million Americans who do not have government-issued ID and how states with strict voter ID rules bar those Americans from voting.

    Felony Disenfranchisement: The 6.1 million Americans who cannot vote because of felony disenfranchisement.

    Voter Registration: The complicated and varying registration rules that require Americans to register up to 31 days before election day.

    These are some of the glaring issues in our voting system, but they are not the only ones…

    American Territories: 4.4 million Americans in American territories and the District are represented by only one “delegate” each in the House of Representatives (who cannot vote on the House floor), and no American citizens living in the territories may vote for president.

    The Electoral College: Due to the electoral college, some votes count more than others. Votes in smaller rural states tend to count more toward the final result than those in more densely populated areas.

    Click here to read the full paper


    Thanks for staying engaged,

    The Sanders Institute Team


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