Denis by Blondie

This video is the song Denis by Blondie, from New York City in the USA.

Another video, of Blondie playing live at the Railway at Evesham, is here.

Playing: Sunday Girl, Real World, Denis.

This is a version of Denis by Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme.

This video is called Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry on an Amiga.

This video is Blondie Live at CBGB 1976 X Offender.

13 thoughts on “Denis by Blondie

  1. My old friend, Kimmie, has a double connection to Debbie Harry. In her free time, she hung out at CBGB’s where she was friends with a lot of early punks, including Debbie Harry. She also had a job as a bartender in a topless bar in Hawthorne, NJ. Debbie Harry grew up in Hawthorne, and her father was a regular customer at the topless bar. Kimmie also knew the Ramones before they had a band. She claims to have seen their first show. She stopped hanging out at CBGB’s. One day, she was at my house, when she saw a Ramones album. She had no idea they were famous.

    I wish I could remember who had the original hit version of Denis. Good song.


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